Join the icecairo Fablab Academy!

Learn in a modular way to design and build green products. Learn about green energy. Learn about mechanics. Learn how to use software like Rhino and Photo Shop, etc. Learn about Tools: How to use them the right way for the right reasons. Learn about construction. Learn about designing. Learn about building stuff.

Every week, we are going to make a new product. You will learn the theory-part and you will learn the practise-part. Learn how to build stuff and why. Learn what is possible and what is necessary. Learn which materials are good to use. Learn how to work with materials and tools.

Introduction to lasercutting


This is the first course in the Fablab Academy series, taking you through everything you need to know to use the icecairo Fablab including:

  • Fablab Safety
  • Overview of:
    • Design software use
    • Hand tools
    • Power tools
    • High-tech tools
    • Materials
    • Prototyping