Lecturer: Hamoda Youssef

Course intent:

  • Intensive training on the BIM application with direct integration to environmental assessments in early conceptual phase.

Contents outline:

  • Introduction to BIM
  • BIM basics and fundamentals
  • BIM conceptual massing
  • User interface (UI)
  • Starting a Project

Coordinator/lecturer: Dr. Christian Bauriedel, Assistant Professor

Instructors: Eng. Marwan Aboulsoud and Eng. Sherif Tarabishy

In-depth investigations focused on the capabilities of computation in architectural design. An overview about digital tool and methods of design will be given along with their meaningful combination with manual tools within the design process.

Studied topics include computational design methodologies, visualization and digital fabrication. In the lab period, pragmatic implementation of studied tools will be exercised through modeling, parametric design and layout software.

A specific project, a sustainable screen, will be developed through different phases of design, which will lead to manifestation through digital fabrication.

  1. History and overview of photovoltaic (PV) systems (stand-alone, grid-tied, back-up, farms)
  2. Overview of the renewable energy market and exchange on present situation and potential in Egypt
  3. Influence of climatic, geographical and physical conditions onto the performance of PV systems
  4. PV System concepts and components
  5. Preparations for Electro technical and PV basics
  6. Electro technical and PV basics in praxis (preparation, tools and equipment, serial and parallel connection, current, voltage and their influence on yields, I-V-characteristic curve and shading effects)
  7. Preparations for stand-alone system installation
  8. Small size stand-alone system installation in praxis: Site preparation, tools and equipment, panel installation (physical mounting, electrical interconnection, controller and inverter installation and post installation issues (routine inspection, trouble shouting)